Black Cherry Chutney


Black Cherry (47.60%), cane sugar, acidifying agent: concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: fruit pectin. 

  • Best Before: date of manufacture +4ans
  • Net Weight: 250g
  • Gross Weight 390g

Nutrition Facts per 100g

  • Calories (kcal) : 232.85
  • Calories (KJ) :  973.32
  • total fat (g) : 0.24
  • satured fat (g): 0.05
  • carbohydrate (g) : 57.04
  • sugar (g) : 57.04
  • protein (g) : 0.63
  • salt (mg) : 26.71

Pure cane sugar

Cane sugar comes from sugar cane stalks and is a key ingredient in any kitchen. Reputed to be healthier than other sugars, cane sugar can be used in a variety of ways. Cane sugar is very complete and is rich in many nutrients that are essential to the functioning of the human body.


Savour all the specialities of Provence! Les Comtes de Provence manufactory, a Living Heritage Company (EPV), has prepared delicious recipes for you, that will add a touch of Provence to your breakfasts, snacks and gourmet recipes. Discover the delightful tastes and flavours of the recipes produced by Les Comtes de Provence.

Boiling in pots

Les Comtes de Provence has opted to cook its fruit in pots. This is a traditional method, used by artisans and also our grandmothers. The width of the pot spreads the heat out to ensure the fruit cooks evenly and prevents overcooking. This enhances the concentration of taste and flavour. Cooking in pots also preserves the environment, because the temperature rises faster, leading to energy savings.

Sucre de canne, cerise noire ( 47.60%), acidifiant: jus concentré de citron, gélifiant: pectine de fruit

  • DLUO/date de fabrication+4ans
  • Condtitionnement:Poids net:250g-Poids brut: 390g

pour 100g/100ml

  • ENJ(Kcal) 232.85
  • ENJ(KJ) 973.32
  • graisses (g) 0.24
  • acides gras saturés(g)0.05
  • glucides(g) 57.04
  • sucre(g) 57.04
  • protéines(g) 0.63
  • sel(mg) 26.71


Matières premières issues de l’agriculture UE et non UE

A conserver au frais après ouverture et à consommer rapidement


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